Financial Opportunities In Business To Business Property Management

There are many ways to create an income in business to business property management. As a business to business property management specialist you will be required to become an expert, in other word, a business to business property management authority regarding properties such as office buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, shopping malls, medical buildings hotels, stores and more.

As a business to business property management executive, you may want to specialize in one of these areas as your career progresses to become an “authority” in your chosen field for your geographic area. As time passes you will find that owners of commercial properties will begin to seek you out due to your recognition as an authority figure for the types of properties they own.

Business to business property management can be a very rewarding career path both financially and personally. As your expertise grows and your networking efforts increase new opportunities will begin to emerge as others take notice of your leadership position as a business to business property management expert. These opportunities can take the form of ownership opportunities, partnership opportunities and more. You will be “in demand” and be able to virtually write your own ticket once you master the skills of business to business property management.

Some of the required skills required for business to business property management will include”

o Overall knowledge of business to business property management

o Defining the role of the business to business property management team

o Duties, responsibilities, scope of management

o Policy creation and procedure education

o Technology and administrative controls

Maintenance Planning in business to business property management

o Principles of maintenance

o Planning and monitoring

o Working with contractors and consultants

o Purchase and inventory supplies

Leasing Fundamentals and Lease Management for business to business property management

o Developing the leasing strategy

o Leasing initiatives

o Lease management processes, from marketing to documentation

o Understanding market forces

o Lease management strategies

o Managing the fundamental terms of the lease

Facilities Management regarding business to business property management

o Developing a corporate real estate planning framework that meets your organisations needs

o Managing various corporate real estate components

o What should you use in real estate services vs in-house provision

o Managing the balance between property management and facility management

Asset Management in business to business property management

o Establishing asset management objectives

o Property life cycle planning

o Implementing asset management functional activities and key asset management elements.

Business to business property management is a career path you will need to master of course. One of the best places to increase your knowledge of business to business property management is your local Real Estate Association.

Business Property Insurance: Keeping Your Costs to a Minimum

Before you buy insurance for your business assets, it’s a good idea to make up a simple checklist of cost-cutting measures that are guaranteed to reduce your monthly premiums.

First of all, you should install a working set of smoke alarms, burglar alarms, and fire extinguishers throughout your premises, so as to make it more secure against fire and crime, two of the primary dangers to any property. Keeping duplicate copies of all important documents and records off-site is another simple step that’s sure to help cut costs.

To take this a step further, you could also invest in backup hard drives for your digital data, and even a storage locker to keep valuable equipment safe when it is not needed around the office. In conjunction, all of these things are sure to convince insurance providers that your business is serious about security.

If you have the budget to carry out more serious work on your office, retail space, or other premises, fire-proof doors, water-proof filing cabinets, and fully operational sprinkler systems could all be good investments in safety. Before carrying out any expensive work, however, you should first compare the costs with the benefits, and calculate exactly how much you stand to save on an insurance policy.

Why Science Fiction Is a Hot Business Property

Anyone who is a student of modern culture knows that the biggest blockbusters are likely to have a guy in a leotard with some amazing power, and that the bestseller lists usually have a multitude of futuristic or fantasy titles. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, then, that science fiction is one of the hottest genres in the entertainment industry. It may, however, be somewhat shocking to learn that science fiction is being used by many key industries like information technology and counterterrorism to help predict impending changes.

Tech and Homeland Security Jobs

The tech sector and writers of speculative fiction are a natural fit; not only is there a significant nerd factor in this industry, but minds that can conceive of the world two or three technological revolutions down the road can provide valuable insights which can jumpstart R &D and guide enterprise growth. The semiconductor company, Intel Corporation, hired four science fiction writers in 2010 to help prognosticate how certain technologies on the horizon could change the world if they were realized. These writers utilized emerging concepts like robotics, intelligent sensors, and photonics to serve as the basis for short stories. They used these potential breakthroughs as a starting point to conceive how the business and technological landscape would be changed and what other technologies they could spawn.

If support from the high tech sector isn’t enough cachet for you, the science fiction writing community has also been a serious component of the War on Terror. A group called Sigma, which includes a number of bestselling authors, was established in 1992 to help advise the federal government about potential threats. The group includes only published authors with doctorates and include Greg Bear and Jerry Pournelle. Members conceive of unconventional threats and draw inspiration from a wide range of established and offbeat sources.

Benefits for Growing Companies

You may not work in the entertainment, high tech or defense fields, so you may not recognize the relevance of futuristic creation. There are probably dozens of more important considerations that supplant predicting the nature of the world to come, but you could be doing your company a disservice by limiting your vision to the next quarter. Almost all of today’s large companies started out as a groundbreaking idea that its founders conceived. In some cases, even they didn’t realize how their new product could reshape the world, but they recognized the potential. Jobs and Wozniak probably had no idea that eventually computers would become essentially wireless, but they knew that the personal computer was likely to make a large impact on people’s lives. Laughably ridiculous ideas with today’s given business parameters could be the revolutionary new business concept of tomorrow.

There aren’t that many highly qualified science fiction authors putting that on their application to become the CEO of a major corporation, but that may be changing. If the IT sector and the government already recognize the value of speculative thinking, it won’t be long before other industries are eager to snap up them up to help guide them into the coming age.