Mobile Car Washing – Getting Appointments and Permission to Work on Business Properties

If you are considering launching a mobile car washing service business then you will most likely want to know where the best places to wash cars is and where the best customers hang out. Well, consider this; people who can afford car washes or the luxury of a mobile auto detailing service generally have income and that means the most likely they have a job. So, why not go to where they work to wash their cars?

Now then, not long ago, a gentleman from Kentucky, near Louisville who is considering going into the mobile auto detailing and car wash business asked me; “Is it easy to get permission to wash cars on a business properties?”

Well, it was always easy for our Blitz Marketing Teams, but after you do a 100 or so cities you have heard all the excuses, objections and defeat all their concerns ahead of time to put your future customers at ease. Now, I will say that each market is slightly different, one thing about the mindset in KY is that no one trusts new businesses until you have been in business awhile, once you are they will give you a try, which is a catch-22, because without clients you have no referrals and without business clients paying you, you cannot stay in business.

It’s very typical of KY and similar states, but, there are ways around that, such as joining the Chamber of Commerce, developing a community presence and proper PR and publicity for your mobile car washing company. This sure opens a lot of doors when getting permission to wash on business properties. Of course, the gentleman wishing to start the business also want to know; “Do you set up appointments to wash their cars at a certain time?”

Yes, you need to have your customers on a periodic schedule, ALWAYS, if you let people schedule you one at a time, you will get killed in fuel costs, traffic (Louisville FWY, downtown and suburbs can be a real bitch at times) and idle labor during drive times between clients. So, it behooves the mobile car wash operator to get permission to wash on various business properties from those owners and to schedule their routes close together in order to make money.